Antique French White Enameled Biggin Coffee Pot


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Authentic French Enamelware Biggin in White with navy blue trim. Used on the daily in a French family cuisine, for cafe au lait at breakfast, coffee at 11:00 before lunch, and again after dinner. This pot has history, French country charm, and spirit. Decorative two part top with filter and lid, with has one handle and slight split gooseneck spout indicative of the early 1900’s. Beautiful elongated form, this French coffee biggin is a wonderful addition to any vintage inspired décor.

There is the normal wear you would expect from an original piece with this age. Carefully kept by the family for generations, this is in good condition. A stunning addition to your French Enamelware Collection, or the beginning of one, display this, use it for coffee, or create a stunning centerpiece by adding your favorite garden flowers.

  • Measures 11″h.
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