Antique French Millinery Violets Bouquet


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Antique French Millinery Violets Bouquet, this is a really old one with soft lavender to purple flowers. The flower petals were hand cut, hand dyed with a paintbrush, then sewn. This little violet posy has one leaf. Flowers like this were made for the luxury hat trade. The most magical flowers outside of a garden, flowers like this were made in France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and Germany. 

Lots of age on this one, please only adopt her if you can love her with the age she has, she wears it proudly! Display in your home, tie to a package for exceptional style, embellish a pillow, or pin to your favorite hat. Express your own individual style with great flair. 

  • Measures: 5″w {flowers} x 7″ l. 
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