Antique French Enamel Chocolat Pot


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Antique French enamel Chocolat pot or chocolate warmer with floral design and a wooden handle. These 19th century pots are rare to find these days, this design includes country field or meadow flowers in red and blue. The design stands out beautifully against the white enamelware finish, the pot is embellished with an aqua blue stripe at the top and on the lid.

Bought at a brocante, this is not for the perfectionist. At one time Marie’s husband fixed it with solder, but alas it still doesn’t hold water.  Dommage! There was something about this pot that made me think “plucky spirit!” It is a decorative addition for your French Country kitchen, if you wish to add a bouquet of bachelor’s buttons from your own garden, please insert a glass for the water first. 

  • Measures 5-3/8″ x 8″; handle 7″.
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