Antique Fire Bucket with English Royal Coat of Arms


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Antique Fire Bucket with English Royal Coat of Arms, a beautiful reminder of when fires meant lines of villagers handing out buckets of water down the line to put out a fire. This 19th century black bucket was made of leather, painted and lacquered. Buckets of water might not save a burning building, but they often slowed the fire enough to prevent it from spreading to nearby homes and to allow the home owner to salvage belongings.  More simple fire buckets had the name of the home owner painted on it, but this one has the most glorious depiction of the British Royal Coat of Arms on the front featuring the lion and unicorn.

The top has a black painted metal rim. From the early 1800’s, with plenty of patina and wear as shown, befitting its age. There are a few spots missing on the front embellishment, but oh! what a stunning decorative accent this is. Use this as a planter for a fern {I suggest lining in plastic first} or display in all its glory on top of an armoire.  {Spotted it way up high in a dealer’s space on a recent buying trip and just had to bring it home for the shop!}

  • Measures 12″ x 9-1/2″h.
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