Antique Ebony Mirror, Brush and Comb Set Cased


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Antique Ebony Mirror, Brush and Comb Set in a black leatherette case, a 3 piece set. I’m not sure if this is missing another part, I kept it in the case we purchased it in since it’s rare to find a cased set like this these days.  The round beveled hand held mirror and the brush are made of real ebony wood. Ebony is an extremely slow growing hardwood that was imported from British India, it was very desired for dressing table vanity sets made and sold in France, England and the USA around the very early 1900’s. {after that, the wood became too expensive to be a viable wood for sets like this.}

All three pieces have a  silver cartouche on the top, not monogrammed. The comb is of an early black plastic. This set is in wonderful condition, the beveled mirror is clear, the handle of the mirror does show some wear from having been kept in the metal clasp of the case for decades. A gorgeous set to add to your vanity or guest bathroom.

  • Measures: 8-1/4″ x 5-1/2″; Brush: 4-3/4″ x 2-1/2″;Comb: 7-1/2″l.
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