Antique Dark Hand Carved Treen Round Bread Board


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Decorative and beautifully usable Antique Dark Hand Carved Treen Round Bread Board, a welcome addition to your French Country style kitchen. This beautiful cutting board has a darker color with gorgeous grainHand carved curving edge and great patina. A hand carved lettered “Bread” graces the top, along the perimeter is a very simple carved wheat design. This board has a smooth texture all around the sides from age, and wear befitting its age. These exceptional round boards are getting rare to find!

The knife has a wooden handle and a sharp serrated edge. I love these here at home, and use them happily for serving bread, crackers and cheese, fresh-baked croissants, or for slicing an apple.  This board is a fabulous addition to your collection of English and French antique bread and cutting boards. Display in your cuisine with joy!

  • Measures 9-1/2″”.
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