Antique Celluloid Embossed Box for Hat Veils


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Antique Celluloid Embossed Box for Hat Veils. What a rare to find interesting box, meant to store hat veils safely. In the 1800’s, hats were essential and veils signaled social status and was a way women could express their femininity in a flirty way, as well as protecting a lady’s face from too much sun and dust. This celluloid covered wooden box was the perfect place to store the whisper fine veils safely.

Covered on the top with a floral embossed design over a scalloped lacy veil design. The sides are also covered in celluloid with floral and rose designs and wreaths. The very bottom is covered in paper. Inside, the luminous peacock blue green silk remains, although it is shredding as shown. The brass closure and hinges work beautifully, there is some wear to their gilded finish as you could imagine for a box of this age. A delightful addition to your vanity or lady’s closet, this is in good condition.

  • Measures 6″ x 6″ x 2-3/4″.
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