Antique Art Deco Metal Bottle Holder from France


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Art Deco French Wire Bottle Carrier with four compartments for your favorite champagne or wine.  With the streamlined pared down design of the art deco era, this metal holder has so much style, and patina only the grace of time in France can achieve. This carrier is unique with its rounded partitions, and remnants of green paint, for carrying bottles from the wine cellar or market to your home.

Bought in France, in the Provence, one of the more unusual ones we’ve found. As shown, there is wear to the deep green paint, which is why we love it. A slightly quirky {meaning lots of fun!} addition to your French home, express your style with this one-of-a-kind decorative accent. Cheers! {We found three used by a hotel in a small village in Provence.}

  • Measures 12-1/4″ x 10″ x 14″.
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