Antique Aesthetic Silver Plated Spoon Holder

Antique Aesthetic Silver Plated Spoon Holder, with all the design elements so adored in the late 1800’s.  Made by the Middletown Plate Company, which began producing silver in 1864, in Middletown, Connecticut. A beautiful footed shape with two highly decorated bands as decoration. Each side is etched with a floral design, they are different from each other. A perfect spot to hold you collection of antique sterling tea spoons, as shown.

Of note, over the decades the top has gone slightly out of round, either from use or the fact that the new butler may have dropped it one time. Please only adopt this beauty if you can live with that. {Some dealers suggest this is a wine goblet, but I have trouble thinking of our very correct ancestors drinking wine from anything but crystal.} At times I use my own silver pieces like this to hold spring’s first pink roses, or silver things on my antique vanity, too.

  • Measures 3-3/8″ x 3-3/8″ x 7″h.
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