Antique 1800’s Leather Gloves Salesman’s Sample


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Antique 1800’s Leather Gloves that must surely have been a Salesman’s Sample, they are incredibly narrow.  Bought from a French dealer of millinery and lady’s fashion heirlooms from the earlier part of the 19th century, I just couldn’t not buy these because I’ve never seen anything like them! They are incredibly narrow and long, they would fit my hand if they were twice as wide but the fingers are the right length.

They are in the condition shown, with bits of leather missing here and there. They would make an exceptionally interesting addition to your collection of Victorian clothing and accessories, and will look amazing framed and hung in your bedroom, dressing room or even hallway. As found condition, we have not tried to ‘fix; these in anyway as I am so very enamored by them the way they are.

Measure 2″ w x 9-1/4″l/

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