2 Uncut Vintage French Paper Doll Books by Peggy Jo Rosamond


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2 Uncut Vintage French Paper Doll Books by Peggy Jo Rosamond, each featuring beautiful paper dolls drawn from their ‘real’ French doll friends by the artist. Published in the early 70’s by Evergreen Press, the dolls are on heavy card stock, and quite stunning! Peggy researched authentic clothing that her antique dolls would have worn from the 1800’s in museums and historical societies.  The dolls used for these books {as models} include Jumeau, Steiner, and CW Leipold.  These wonderful paper dolls are a sweet way to relish in the history of antique French dolls, and childhood.

The pages are beautiful, these would be wonderful to frame. The Antique Dolls Go to a Paper Doll Wedding features four paper dolls and their clothing. The book is in good condition for being over 48 years old. After the card doll pages, the first few pages are loose in the book. There are four pages of clothes, and the back page contains some props you can assemble.  The Antique French Doll Paper Dolls features three paper dolls and their clothing. Both have age related aging to the covers, as well as s ticky little spot where the sticker from the dolls shop that sold these used to be. Both back pages include lots of information about the artist, the dolls, and the clothing. Sold as a pair.

  • Each measures 14-1/2″ x 11″.


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