19th Century French Limoges Rose Gilt Cabinet Plate


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19th Century French Limoges Rose Gilt Cabinet Plate with a beautiful floral design of pink and yellow roses, surrounded by a most unusual hand painted border in bright cerise pink. The heavily embossed and scalloped rim encrusted in hand applied gold sets off the bright pink border that fades away to white. Luxury quality porcelain, the flowers are highlighted with hand painted enamels. A true heirloom piece, a stunning, classic rendering of the exceptional beauty of the rose.

Made in the early 1900’s by Tressemann & Vogt {T & V}, double marked underneath with the T & V underglaze in green, overglaze in red, the factory produced and decorated it. Slight wear to the gilt on some of the raised parts of rim as shown. Very detailed and expertly painted, extremely rare color to find! 

  • Measures 9~1/2″.
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