1930’s French Vals les Bains Souvenir Water Glass With Basket


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1930’s French Etched Souvenir Glass with the original molded holder, meant to look like a woven straw basket, used for taking the healing waters at the Vals les Bains Spa. World renowned since 1845 as a health spa, a geyser spring rises up slowly from the ground up to 15 metres high every 6 hours. Each time, 800 litres of water erupt from the earth. 

Visiting the spa, and drinking the healing waters several times a day was thought to be invigorating and good for one’s health. Little glasses like this, etched with the name of the spa and also a measure on the back, were used by ladies and gentleman to ensure that they did not take too much of the water. A fun find. Actually used at the spa, the glass has spotting from the minerals and salts in the water.

  • Measures:glass-4″ h, Basket 4-1/4″h.
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