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Are you looking for an extraordinary collection of antiques that will elevate your home decor and lifestyle? Shop our exceptional selection of swoon-worthy antiques and make heartfelt, meaningful purchases for your home, for entertaining and as gifts at FrenchGardenhouse.

I'd love to help you create a stylish, inspired home that reflects you authentically, surrounded by things you love. 


Your home should reflect the way you live, your passions, and evolve with your own personal style. Shopping for antiques for your home should be fun! My mission is to elevate online shopping for you by delivering a beautifully designed shop that showcases authenticity, quality, stories, and a little bit of that inspiring wow factor. 

I personally select every antique from my favorite brocantes in Europe and the US. I support artisan created products and family workshops for gift and jewelry pieces I know you will love. I'm hopeful that you will find something that makes your heart beat faster, that brings beauty to your every day, or stirs a memory of a time or person you love.

From the moment you enter FrenchGardenHouse, you’ll be able to share my enthusiasm for antiques! The world of antiques is exciting, full of surprises, each object has a history and whispers beautiful stories of those who lived before us.  Just as your home is constantly evolving, so are the antiques I offer.

Everything I know about gracious living I learned from my European grandparents.  When I moved to the states with my own family, I wanted to recapture all that I love and remember about my grandparents' European home. That’s why I created FrenchGardenHouse, to share that love of home, family and antiques. 

With over 26 years of experience as a designer & antique dealer, I cherish my reputation for sourcing exquisite antiques for your collections and your home. I've had articles about antiques published in leading interior magazines, and our home has been featured several times, but the absolute best thrill for me is to have you love coming here to shop for your home, friends and family and to hear that it has added something special to your life.

Whether your goal is to create a home that reflects your own style, to refresh your existing rooms by adding a few show-stopping accessories, to set a beautiful table for guests with our antique heirloom silver and French porcelain, or to find a meaningful and thoughtful gift for someone you love, you'll find what you're looking for here >

You know what you like. It has to have a story, quality and personality. Maybe be a little quirky and out of the ordinary, reminding you of that afternoon in Paris, when a downpour made you run into that little shop filled with antiques. That's what I hope you will discover at FrenchGardenHouse.

I hope you will stop in to see us often, our door is always open.


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