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Antique Relief Molded Light Blue Pitcher Large Buds

Antique Relief Molded Light Blue Pitcher Large Buds
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Exceptional quality 19th century Smear Glazed Pitcher made between 1851 - 1880 with a beautiful decorative design of flower buds and leaves. The detail is incredible! Such a pristine jug and extremely functional as well as astoundingly decorative, the handle features a branch.

Pitchers or jugs like this would have been in use daily for cider in the mid 1800's. However, this one, so elaborately and crisply modeled, was fairly expensive and probably intended for show, or for use on special occasions.  The glaze was applied indirectly to the surface by painting a coat of glaze on the inside of the closed container (mold) in which the piece was baked. During the firing process, this glaze evaporated and settled like a fine mist on the surface of the ware. 

Jugs like this are on permanent display at the V & A Museum in London. Unmarked, as many of these collectable pieces of pottery are from this era. 

  • Measures 9-1/2"h.
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