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Hotel Silver Plate Dome Single Entree

Hotel Silver Plate Dome Single Entree Hotel Silver Plate Dome Single Entree
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Antique Hotel Silver Plated Dome, a dome used in a hotel to cover a single entree for room service, such a fun and beautiful piece to add to your antique & vintage Hotel Silver Collection! This collectible gem dates to the earlier 1900's, made by R Wallace.  Has wear and patina, it's served hundreds of tempting hot dishes over the last almost 100 years! Decorative and fabulous for display, or to keep your gourmet French dinner warm at the table.

Love its storied past, the detailed decor border - this will surely become one of the most unique pieces in your hotel silver collection - it's difficult to photograph - in real life it has personality plus. This is a heavy piece, with the patina of time, this was used, and every day, the scars and wear of time are worn proudly! {In my daydreams, I'm served breakfast each morning by the butler with a dome like this covering my plate!}

  • Measures 10-3/4" x 2-3/4" h.
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