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French Designer Grasse Luxury Candle

French Designer Grasse Luxury Candle
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Discover the magic of the flower fields of Grasse, France, with our Grasse Candle. Perfumed with the scent of French jasmine petals, white flowers of the noblest and most fragrant Jasmine grandiflorum picked early in the morning. Add to that the romance of the rose, and fresh currant berries for zing, layered with a hint of green apple for a scent to bring timeless appeal. 

Impeccably blended with a high dose of French charm, our hand-poured candles are carefully crafted to provide you many special moments. Experience a touch of scented luxury for your home. Made exclusively for FrenchGardenHouse.

  • Burn time: 40 hours.


  • Before you light your candle, trim the wick to ¼ inch, this will allow a slower burn. 
  • The first time you burn your FGH candle, please allow it to burn until the entire surface has a melted consistency. Candles have memory, this will help your candle burn more evenly all the next times.
  • Keep your luxury candle lit for no more than 4 hours at a time to ensure maximum fragrance output.
  • Always re-center and straighten the wick after blowing out your FGH candle.
  • Please store your FGH candles in a dry and cool environment - room temp. or lower, to preserve the original condition. 
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