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Antique Shabby Papier Mache Pansies Painting

Antique Shabby Papier Mache Pansies Painting
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Decorative Antique PANSIES Painting, painted in the late 1800's on a circular papier mache round form by a Sunday painter.  Large Purple, Yellow, White and Cream Pansies in full bloom fill the center, with sweet ivy and a butterfly around the center flowers. There is wear, bits missing, and plenty of shabbiness to this piece, especially around the edges as you can see - there is a glued in repair. The painting is on a thin paper mache form, with bits of the cardboard peeking through after more than 100 years.

But then, oh! there are those flowers. They captured my heart from afar on a recent buying trip. The back has been painted over, has an old, old hanger, and has plenty of wear as well. Please only buy this treasure from times past if you love the grace of time, it's perfectly imperfect for your collection. Display with your other Victorian floral oil paintings, on a stand with your garden books, or anywhere you want to show your love of the sweethearts of the garden, the pansy.

  • Measures 8-3/4".
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