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French Apothecary Glass Storage Jar Bouquerel

French Apothecary Glass Storage Jar Bouquerel
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Gorgeous large French Glass Apothecary Jar with applied paper antique Label, G. Bouquerel, in Blue. Perfect as a decorative accent, or as a vase to hold flower cuttings from the garden. Large jars like this kept small items, food stuffs and other things safe, and fresh long ago in France.

This vintage glass has wear as old glass does, the label has aging. Beautiful to add to your collection of antique glass, perfect to display with your antique French jars in your French Country decor, fill with your own personal souvenirs of France to make a statement in your home. I was able several, yours might have a label with some wear in a slightly different place.

  • Measures 11" h. x 4-3/4" in diameter.
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