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19th Century French Toy Horse Pull Toy

19th Century French Toy Horse Pull Toy 19th Century French Toy Horse Pull Toy
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19th Century French Toy Horse, hand carved of wood and covered with the original covering. On his original red painted platform with metal wheels, remnants of gilt striped detail and a gilt monogram remain. His mouth is open showing his upper and lower teeth. This horse was a children's toy, loved and "ridden" by generations of children, his one glass eye is missing from that time that naughty neighbor boy came over and Nanny said to share the horse and he plucked his eye out!

Worn in all the right places, with wear, still wears his black ribbon, and has most of his saddle, a leather strap is secured around his middle. He is not perfect, he is after all more than 100 years young, part of his saddle is missing, and well, his eye. {You can replace his eye, make him an eye patch, or get a replacement eye.} Wear and rustic condition consistent with age and use. Holiday greens not included.

  • Measures 34-1/2" x 9" x 34-1/2".
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