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19th Century Antique Hand Woven Grain Sack Pillow

19th Century Antique Hand Woven Grain Sack Pillow
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Leave it to me to fall in love with the one pillow made of antique sacks that was the most rare! {meaning it was the most expensive} Look at the design on it.  I couldn't help myself. This truly is a one-of-a-kind antique pillow, made from a farm sack. Hand woven in Switzerland, or Austria, after the flax was harvested and combed to remove most of the straw. It was then spun and woven on a home loom. This took days, sometimes weeks.

Tar paint was used to personalize initials {in 1876} on the sack, so that when grain was sent to the local mill, it was easily identified by the owner when the flour was ready to be picked up. Sacks were valuable, and were painstakingly patched and mended by hand. This one? How can you not love the farm garden tools stenciled on this?  And the year and monogram. One-of-a-kind, this is an authentic treasure, with a zipper closure and a down insert. There are patches and patina and is glorious, perfectly imperfect. Please only adopt if you love it this way!

  • Measures 22" x 21".
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