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Antique French Country Demi John in Wicker

Antique French Country Demi John in Wicker
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This charming rustic French Demijohn Bottle or jug is encased in the original wicker meant to protect it. In France it is called a "Bonbonne" or "Dame Jeanne" in honor of the Countess of Provence {Queen Jeanne of Naples} who, legend has it, encouraged a Provencial glassblower to create a wine bottle like this encased in wicker to protect it. It has a clear blown bottle inside, from the Provence.

The handle is fully intact, this bottle has a wonderful woven texture, great size. Originally These used to protect and store wine from the sun so it stayed cool in the summertime, this method is still used. These bottles lend such a charm and texture to your décor.

  • Measures 15" x 11".
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