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French Limoges Hand Painted Floral Miniature Hat Box

French Limoges Hand Painted Floral Miniature Hat Box
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Fine quality French Limoges Floral Miniature Box, in the shape of a lady's hat, beautifully hand painted with roses and other garden favorites, and accented with gilt details. The color of this box is rarer to find, it's that romantic and delicate Aqua Blue we all adore.  The painting was done by one of the best artists, the ormolu mount closure works well, the little bow is beyond charming.

Colors are aqua blue, white, lavender, purple, yellow, gold, green, and russet. Decorative, and so beloved, this small porcelain treasure is from a collector of only the finest luxury quality porcelains. Inside the box, one sweet little purple bloom. This is a wonderful addition to your collection, or the beginning of one!

  • Measures 2-1/2" x 1-1/2".
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