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Large Antique French Country Glass Pickling Storage Jar

Large Antique French Country Glass Pickling Storage Jar
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Beautiful Antique, hand blown Pickling Jars, once used in the country villages of France to "pickle" seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy during the longer, colder winter months.  Since each one of the jars was hand made, each is a one of a kind, unique beauty, featuring glass bubbles, waviness and other indications that this is a true antique and hand made glass object.  Use these to display a collection, to showcase a few branches from the garden, or to create a stunning terrarium.  These are so gorgeous they look wonderful empty as a piece of art.  Makes a fantastic and luxurious gift!  {to make a terrarium, simply wash the jar well and dry. Add organic soil on the bottom, cover with dampened moist moss, and add a small orchid and perhaps some miniature ferns from the plant store.} Measures 14~1/2" high.

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