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Antique French Ribbon Work Silk Embroidery Apron Pink Flowers

Antique French Ribbon Work Silk Embroidery Apron Pink Flowers
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Beyond beautiful, this Antique French Silk Apron is covered with exquisite Ribbon Work Embroidery of the highest caliber.  Softest pale Pink Silk, ever so fine, the apron is edged with a ruffled flounce of delicate French net lace. Often I find these with shredded silk, or embroidery that is tattered and loose, this one is perfect!  A beautiful design of Pink Ribbon Rose Wreaths is connected with Blue embroidery in bows, the top has two quite rare to find "collar" pieces that are also embroidered with floral embellishments. What makes this an especially wonderful and collectible treasure is that it even has the original Silk Ribbon ties, which are almost always gone.  

The work is done by an accomplished needlewoman, and although often these are often sold as "maid's" aprons, aprons like this were made by the lady of the house, and most likely not for her maid! {My guess is that this might have been worn in her boudoir, or perhaps to cover her dress when working  on a flower arrangement?}  This gem dates to the early 1900's, when ribbon work was all the rage.  Perfect to add to your sublime collection, or to display in your boudoir on a mannequin. Of note: there are two small spots on one side, I have not tried to clean, these don't bother me, but please only purchase this luxury if they don't bother you, either. {I have priced accordingly.} Apron measures: waist to point in front:26"; waist at band:10", widest part of bottom:24".

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