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Napoleon by Emil Ludwig, 1928 Edition

Napoleon by Emil Ludwig, 1928 Edition Napoleon by Emil Ludwig, 1928 Edition Napoleon by Emil Ludwig, 1928 Edition
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If you love French history, military history, or collect Napoleon antiques, this book will be a fabulous addtion to your library, and an interesting, enlightening read. Emil Ludwig's biography of Napoleon is a remarkable classic of Napoleonic literature, no author has as of yet been able to surpass this volume. Writing in the present tense, the author brings to life his Napoleon's character better than any other biography. 

This biography is divided into five books: One: "The Island" {birth to marriage}; Two: "The Torrent" {Army of Italy to First Counsel}; Three: "The River" {Marengo to birth of Napoleon II}; Four: "The Sea" {Russia to Waterloo}; and Five: "The Rock" {St. Helena}. Each book begins with a quote from Goethe.

Although the book does not include a bibliography, in the concluding four pgs. the author states, "In this book, all the data are recorded facts, except the soliloquies." There are 21 monotone illustrations.  The frontispiece is embellished with an embossed gilded Lion. The book is in good condition, slight bumping to the corners and top and bottom of the spine. Of note see the seperation of the cover, an easy repair should you wish to,  the pages are clean and firmly attached. A delightful read and great addition to your collection, or a luxury gift for someone you love who collects everything about Napoleon or French history.  Book measures 9~1/2 x 6~1/2, 707 pages.

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