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Vintage French Canning Jar Citron

Vintage French Canning Jar Citron Vintage French Canning Jar Citron
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Wonderful Vintage French Canning Jar Citron, in that luminous Green color we adore. Bought in France, this jar has a fantastic paper label, Citron, featuring our favorite luscious yellow ripe fruit, Lemons. Perfect as a decorative accent to display in your French kitchen or country rooms, to store a collection of fun things, or to keep your antique silver flatware on your farm table.  

These look fabulous in groups, one is beautiful, but more make a real statementa wonderful addition to your collection. Maybe be a little quirky and out of the ordinary, reminding you of that afternoon in Provence, when a downpour made you run into that little shop filled with antiques. {last photo shows other fruit jars} Each one is different, it may have a different style top.

  • Measures about 6-1/2" h - 4".
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