Avid antique glass collectors know, there are many different kinds of glass to collect. With all of the wide varieties of antique glass, many collectors choose to specialize in a particular type of glass to collect. Luxury glass, but also every day, useful glass from centuries past.


Our last shipment of Antique French Glass flew to new owners around the world, you can read about those here.  I’m showing off our newest shipment of French glass, purchased in France, that is now available on the website.  Each one is equally at home in your antique style home, or in a more contemporary setting.


There are canning jars, Pharmacy bottles and storage jars.


Not only do they have great graphic appeal, these antiques can be used for pretty much everything! I’ve used them for storing flower bulbs, a handy spot on my buffet table for the knives and forks, and to hold long breadsticks for lunch.


In beautiful clear, aqua, green or amber brown colors. How wonderful would these amber bottles look in a gentleman’s office or library?



I use these antique bottles inside, and outside, they look gorgeous with bouquets of flowers.




If you see one that you love, go to the website and grab it while you can! You know how your fellow collectors are, so grabby! I hope you love these as much as the last shipment, I’ve heard from several of you about how much you enjoy using them for storage, and display them with pride. If you have the time, please email me a shot of your antique glass you bought last time from FrenchGardenHouse and I’ll share them on my FaceBook page.




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