The holidays are not all that far away {I know, it doesn’t seem possible} and I don’t know about you, but somewhere in the back of my mind I am quietly gathering some ideas and making tentative mental lists.



You know, making plans, thinking about lists, and also about how to decorate and what to feed my family during that happiest time of the year.



I’ve been thinking about how our guest bathroom still hasn’t been updated…but never mind….that is not the important part of this post.


I’ve also been thinking about what, exactly, is the most important thing about making our FrenchGardenHouse a place our children and grandchildren will want to come to and think of as “home.”



Because no matter where your home is or what it looks like, it’s the people who come inside of it that are the most important. Always.


But a few beautiful comforts and details are never wrong.  Neither are a few well-placed un-expected decorations, especially at this time of year.  I know, not everyone wants a feathered dove flying under their antique French chandelier, but if you’ve read me for any length of time, you know I like to have a little fun here at home.  Add a little joie de vivre.



As I have been making plans, which this week I am finally committing to paper, I’ve been really thinking about what really makes a house a   h o m e.  Not just for the holidays, but always.


Those details or areas that my family might appreciate or think of fondly in their memories of our home. Below is my list of some things that epitomize home to me.





What do you think are the things we need to have in place to make our house a home?


Here is my list, in no particular order.

  • Fresh flowers in the living room, and the guest bathroom at minimum.
  • All rooms clean and “fluffed.”
  • A sprinkling of antiques in every room
  • Decor that is beautiful but not so precious that people are scared of it.
  • Delicious smelling candles and non-scented tapers for early evenings.
  • All beds made with clean sheets.
  • The fridge filled with fresh, natural foods.
  • Laughter, and love.
  • Lots of nuts, crackers, cheese and wine stocked up for those impromptu visits.
  • Beautiful music. My favorites are classical, 1940’s, and holiday.
  • Photographs of people I love in antique frames.
  • Our Bentley, clean and wearing a bow. {he hates the bow, so maybe just clean.}
  • Tea and cookies at the ready.
  • People {us} who make the time for the people who visit us there.





WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON YOUR LIST THAT YOU THINK MAKES YOUR HOME WELCOMING AND A  H O M E ? Will you share your list of the things you find makes your home beautiful, special and welcoming to your family and friends?

ps. THANK YOU for your overwhelming love of this year’s Holiday Collection! I’ve had my helper elves wrapping and shipping parcels as quickly as possible.

à bientôt