Do you have a collection of antique and vintage platters and plates that you love but never really use unless you are entertaining? You are missing out – your most beloved china could be the stars in your decorating!



This summer I’m adding lots of the classic Blue & White to our home {I almost named this post Decorating with Blue & White No. II.}

I hope to get you started using your beauties on the daily as eye candy that you will love!



I am always looking for a few new ways to use my extensive collection of plates and platters here at FrenchGardenHouse and here are a few of my favorite ways.



Large Platters can be used to create an impact for smaller decorative accents. Like magic, when you place an assortment of smalls on a platter, they make a much bigger statement and make an impact.

Do you have a collection you want to show off? Put your prized pieces on a platter!



In our living room, I placed a large antique Blue Willow Platter on a stack of my favorite Charles Faudree books. On top? A sweet little collection that includes two beautifully monogrammed sterling match safes, two small antique poetry books, and a sterling bowl filled with sea shells that my little people found and painted as a souvenir of a wonderful day spent together at the beach!




One of the most “messy” parts of our home is next to the stove. Since I love gourmet herbs, olive oil, vinegars and antique containers for them, not only do I purchase these flavorful products, but we are often given them as gifts, too!  We always have quite a collection, and honestly, since if I can’t see it I tend not to use it, for me it works better when I can actually see them.



Placing all these lovely decorative bottles together on a large platter keeps them out where I can see them, but where they visually look organized.



I don’t drink much, and if I’m honest, after 1/2 glass of wine I am already plenty happy! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a lightweight in that department. But that doesn’t mean that when we entertain I don’t sometimes set up a temporary bar on a pretty tray!



A beautifully set bar boosts our spirits as much as the delicious offerings on it. I often set an antique Blue & White  platter on a larger silver tray right by the front door to welcome guests the minute they enter with a signature drink.  Create a bar so visually beautiful that your guests want to drink it in.  The beauty of a temporary bar set on a tray is that if needed, you can carry it to where the action is!




A full set or just one or two, hanging plates on the wall will transform your displays. The round shapes beautifully break up square spaces, whether displayed with rectangular paintings or surrounded by the square designs of mantels and boxes etc.

You can hang them easily from those metal plate hangers, all it takes is a nail and a hammer, and for you to decide how many to hang!



Another easy way to display an intriguing antique platter is to set it on a clear plate stand.  This is one of my favorite antique transfer ware platters ever.  I layered it on the antique mantel in the guest room right over the antique French print of a boat.

It brings that touch of fresh summery white and blue to this room – I love it!


Antique English Sailing Platter


Yes, platters and plates were designed to serve food, but they can also hold plenty of other things!  We all have “orphan” dishes, no? {or am I the only one who sometimes just can’t resist buying a “one-of-a-kind” saucer or plate because it grabs my heart?}



Here at home we have a small antique bowl next to our front door to give us a great place to drop our keys, and our Bentley’s “walking” bags.  A slightly large platter holds our outgoing mail. Platters and plates are so versatile!

There are so many ways to put your plates to work!  An antique plate can hold a collection of different gourmet salts for a special table setting.



In the guest bathroom, not only did I stand a decorative antique Blue & White platter against the mirror as artwork, I am using another slightly larger one to hold our necessities!




I’ll be adding some antique blue and white platters and plates to the FrenchGardenHouse online shop this week!

I love the crisp, traditional and classic look of Blue & White for summer, do you?



à bientôt


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