Every Wednesday from 10  to 1, the Market in St. Remy-de-Provence covers about half the town, all the way from the Rue de la Republique and meandering down small curving streets until you are back where you began!


Far too fabulous to keep to myself, I thought I’d give you a tour.





St. Remy is a beautiful town, it has roots all the way back to the Roman days, and an enticing ambience.  Little winding streets, ages old buildings and a certain joie de vivre make this one of the favorite towns to visit!





This market is very popular! Fast walking empty basket carrying locals head to the center of town, where they shop for everything from the freshest olives to sweet smelling lavender products to wine.



The very center of the market is mostly filled with stands focused on la cuisine…tempting stalls with the freshest and best fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and meats and everything else you can eat under the sun! The sights and smells and tastes?













Hundreds of vendors line up every single week to be able to sell their wares.  If they aren’t regulars and already on the schedule, they wait in line from an early 5:30 – 6:00 am hoping that a “regular” won’t show up and the “placier” {the stall assigner and all around guy to know!} will allow them a space.









The winding smaller streets around the center are filled with stalls offering linens, the provencal designs we all adore, lavender bundles, Marseille soaps, and sachets, and several stands with what the French call bric a brac {vintage or new} and other gift items.



It’s one of the best markets to shop for gifts for people you love back home, or yourself. While looking at all the stalls, you will also get a lovely little tour of this beautiful French town.










Many of the French weekly markets have craft artisans who display and sell their wares.  Each one is a charming souvenir.  St. Remy is know for it’s colorful Tissus {fabrics} and has a nice amount of small boutiques and artisan shops that you will enjoy discovering.





And there are luxury Patisseries!! {yay! calories don’t count when you are on a trip.}







1. Arrive super early.  There is very little parking in the center of St. Remy {a problem with all old towns in Europe} so if you don’t want to walk miles, get up early.  You might have a chance of finding parking in the Parking de la Libération, on the avenue de la Libération.

2. Go to a cafe and eat croissants before it begins. One has to eat, non?? The Cafe de la Place is a local favorite, their slogan is “smiles, tea, coffee, juice, newspaper, wifi all to start your day”. You will most likely see the vendors standing at the bar chugging back tiny little cups of espresso.

3. Stay All Day.  There is so much to see and do {if you love shopping!} that after the market, have lunch at one of the wonderful little restaurants. Then start exploring the little shops and boutiques on all the side streets.

4. Choose a fun spot for your lunch! Some favorites are La Gousse d’Ail, 6 Boulevard Marceau, or La Cave aux Forages, 1 Place Hilaire. Dessert? Visit the chocolate shop of Joël Durand Chocolatier on the Boulevard Victor Hugo #3, or the luxury candy shop Le Petit Duc at #7. {they close for lunch between 1-2!}.



Every Wednesday rain or shine all year from  9 am. – 1 pm.





Charming, colorful, and a true slice of French life, don’t miss this if you are in the area.




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DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE WEEKLY MARKET YOU LOVE TO VISIT WHEN IN FRANCE?  Let us all know, we always love to learn about different exciting places to visit!


à bientôt




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