I have to confess, once Transferware in Red or Pink crosses my threshold, it never leaves.


This French Armoire is in my kitchen/family area, it’s where I keep all my Transferware dishes. Mostly I have plates, but the cups and saucers are growing, too. I’m not too particular about any one pattern, I happily mix and match them all on one table.





I’m pretty sure you have seen this cabinet before, and my transferware, too. I wrote about it here , but now I’m showing off some of my very favorites. {actually, they are all my favorite, but that would bore you to tears, so I am just sharing a few of the favorites}





This is Mason’s Vista, made in England. I particularly love the Leaf Border, and the dark Red color.


These pretty Bird Bowls are by Wood & Sons, also made in England~ not sure if they ar Peacocks or some imaginary type of Birds.


Old Britain Castles are by Johnson Bros. ~yes, made in England. Love the scallops, floral surround, and beautiful “ewers” with flowers. This depicts Blarney Castle in 1792.

Pastoral by Alfred Meakin (England) has a “hand engraved pattern applied under the glaze. Permanent and acid resisting colours.” These are like a painting, so pretty you want to go live there.

Made in America by Homer Laughlin, Home Sweet Home {a Currier & Ives Print) has the prettiest Sheep and a few Cows. I think the lady of this sweet home is sitting on her front porch overlooking this bucolic scene.


Made in Holland, by the Royal Sphinx (Petrus Regout) this is Old Cambridge. In the border, little scenes from around there. Makes me want to be in England again.

Probably the oldest plate I have, this is Avon Cottage by Thomas Hughes & Sons, Stafforshire, England.

This is a new plate, made by Spode. From the Archive Collection, this is a remake of the series they introduced in 1806, Castle. You can still buy lots of these, TJ Maxx most often has quite a few different Spode patterns available.

A very faded and Soft Pink Plate, The Ferry is by Swinnertons, of Staffordshire, England.

Made in the USA by Homer Laughlin, this is part of the Historical America Series, Betsy Ross, from a painting by Joseph Boggs Beale.
As you can see, there are so many to choose from. If you find a few {black, brown, blue, green and lavender, too!} don’t pass these up.
A few make a wall happy, a few more and you can set a pretty table or two. And then there are transferware pieces with many colors. sigh. Luckily, I have set a strict rule for myself….Red or Pink only.
ps. enlarge to stare up close.