antique French greige pottery bottles


The ONE THING we get the most requests for when scouring the markets in Europe for you is “please find some antique stoneware for my home.”  And it’s no wonder. Antique French stoneware is the perfect decorative accessory for pretty much everywhere in your home.


It looks great in the kitchen. It looks great in the living room. It looks great everywhere, really.  I am thrilled to share some of our latest and greatest stoneware finds. Antique stoneware never disappoints, does it?




French country antique faience preserving jars




The latest photo shoot here at FrenchGardenHouse showcased the beauty of French antique stoneware pieces. I hope you will love these as much as I do!



Stoneware is beautiful in all its colors, from white, cream, taupe and other light colors to deep dark and moody browns. These pieces were hand thrown on a potter’s wheel long ago, and everything about them just feels and looks authentic.




antique French Faience Pot




Authentic Country French. And beautiful.



Not only are these pots and bowls useful to this day, they are so decorative they stand alone as a work of art.




Large French preserving pot with tulips




Style Tips:



Group different sizes of French Country preserving pots in different textures and colors together for impact.





Display your collection on a shelf, it adds visual interest to your kitchen, and everywhere  else. Antique French stoneware makes every room happy!






Layer some antique stoneware pots or bowls on an antique French cutting board for an instant French Country story. Love!



The Perfect Decor Accessory Stoneware



antique stoneware is decorative



No matter where you display these antique stoneware pieces, they add beauty, color and texture.  Not to mention that they are so practical too.



Collecting antique French stoneware decor









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