Coming Tomorrow morning, The l’ AUTUMN COUNTRY FRENCH COLLECTION.

I love the time when we get our homes ready for cozy, crisp days, don’t you? Tomorrow, our French Fall Collection arrives, and it’s everything we look forward to about autumn.



Beautiful, seasonal accents to add to our homes for this lovely season, and to give as gifts to people we love.

There are linen napkins, tablecloths and towels to make your kitchen and dining room the best place to be for family dinners.

Hand made French lavender sachets, custom wrapped French soaps, gift tags and more.



I found beautiful autumnal candles to make your dinner hours magical. Unscented, long lasting, in gorgeous colors. Nothing says “welcome home” more than a beautiful candle spreading it’s warm glow in your home when dusk is falling.


There is a new collection of French tassels, embellished with antique bullion trim, buttons and silk ribbons to add a touch of fall to your armoires, lamps, and keys.

And much, much more is on its way. Instead of waiting for every single thing I bought for this collection to be here {that would be perfect, but it’s not always perfect here!} I am sharing the collection with all of you tomorrow.  And will add in those things stuck in customs, or on a slow boat when they arrive as little surprises for all of us.

I hope you will be excited to see the collection, I know I am!  Each time I say I love this collection the most, but this time, it’s really true!




à bientôt