Fresh flowers always do their magic, they really liven up any room.  It doesn’t really matter much if the arrangement is big or small.  It’s the colors, the textures and often the scent of real flowers that matter most. Today, I’m sharing a trio of tiny vases, filled with left-over flowers from a large bouquet.  The Art of Small Flower Arrangements.




The Art of Small Flower Arrangements




Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!  If you came here via my friends Shirley, Pam or Mary, I hope you grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for some flower therapy today.  It’s always such a blessing to join them for our special Mondays. We hope you enjoy them too, and get inspired too!  I’ll share my friend’s links at the bottom of the post,  I hope you will go visit them.






Monday Morning BLooms







Last week, I bought a big bouquet of flowers. We were having photo shoot after photo shoot here at FrenchGardenHouse for our fall Gift Collection, and for some of our print advertisements.  It was so hot, that by the end of just three days, most of the flowers had given their all, and were no longer useable.




Because I still had some photos to style, and also because I knew our beloved Monday Morning Blooms was coming up, I decided to go with small. Really small.



The Art of Small Flower Arrangements



The Art of Small Flower Arrangements



That’s what I’m sharing today. Because sometimes you have just a few flowers left from a bigger arrangement., You can also cut a few flowers from your garden and a few snips of greens here and there. These small arrangements are easy to make.




They are simple to re-create at home, they don’t require a lot of flowers, and they still add the magic of flowers to your home.




The Art of Small Flower Arrangements






The Art of Small Flower Arrangements




For my small arrangements, I selected small French drinking glasses….they are just 3″ high.  I filled them with a few apricot pink roses, a few deep burgundy wine mums, a pink dahlia, and bright green coffee berries.




There really is no secret to them, just cut the stems short, and arrange the flowers until you like where they are. Easy.  Sometimes smaller IS better!




autumn flowers



The Art of Small Flower Arrangements




The dahlia’s had quite a few “buds” left, so I just cut those at varying lengths and placed them in each tiny vase.  One vase seemed a bit empty still, so I used a stem of eucalyptus in that one, cut into short pieces.




The Art of Small Flower Arrangements



The Art of Small Flower Arrangements




That’s really the beauty of using fresh flowers, they are beautiful all by themselves, so there is no need to fuss. Just a few blooms in a little container can liven up any corner.




Three little bouquets make this a special table setting, marching down the center and surrounded by antique candleholders with beeswax tapers.



The Art of Small Flower Arrangements


white table setting with flowers




The linen napkins are new. Aren’t they glorious? I love the pristine with that blue embroidered crowned monogram.




They add elegance to every table setting.




The Art of Small Flower Arrangements



I combined the napkins with my white dishes with a gilt rim, a French Country linen table cover {formerly a sheet}, antique silver and mother of pearl flatware, and a new wine glass and an antique gilt rimmed cocktail glass.




As you know, I like to mix it up over here!  I am not afraid to mix era’s and inexpensive with antiques.  As long as they all get along visually and make me smile, I’m for it!



fall floral bouquet






White Linen Napkins with Blue Embroidery >

Beeswax Candles >




floral quote



Tips for Making Small Flower Arrangements


*Keep your flowers fairly small.  Roses, smaller dahlia’s and mums are a good size.  If you want to splash out and use a larger flower, you can add one per small vase.

* Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of flowers. Often just a few are just right. You can always fill in with a few clippings of greens from your garden.

* Odd numbers always look better.  Three flowers, two stems of greenery, two larger flowers with a stem of greenery etc.



Happy {almost } fall dear friends.




Be sure to visit my friends!





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The Art of Small Flower Arrangements

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What flower do you ALWAYS want to have at home? {if cost wasn’t an issue?} 





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