I will admit, that around this time, I am always perplexed as to how it could possibly be Thanksgiving already. Which is silly, since it comes at around the same time each year.  While the last year seemed to last forever, this year has sped up. {at least in my mind.}  Mr. FrenchGardenHouse and I are traveling this coming week, to spend time with our family for Thanksgiving.  While we’re away, I wanted to share some beautiful Thanksgiving Inspiration of past years.



As you ready your home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all of you. I am humbled by the blessing of you, friends. I love to share life with you here on this blog. I cherish the friendship you offer me, and count it among one of the greatest blessings.


Thanksgiving Inspiration


You can set a welcoming table for your Thanksgiving in so many ways!  A table filled with Fall goodness in whites, creams and gold, this remains a favorite. Sometimes it’s so beautiful to go outside the usual color choices for Thanksgiving, as I think this table setting shows beautifully.


Thanksgiving Inspiration


Thanksgiving Inspiration

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This table adds in a little soft color for Thanksgiving.  The antique trencher filled with one big pumpkin is a great centerpiece, because it’s low enough so that you can pass the sides and see everyone around your table.  What’s so great about this one is that I surrounded the pumpkin with dried roses left over from a bouquet, dried sedum from the garden, dried hydrangeas and faux fruit.  A centerpiece like this could last for a long time if you made it before Thanksgiving. {remember this next fall!}


Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving Table with Pumpkin

Thanksgiving centerpiece

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Adding another layer of color, this table shows that you can use your favorite antique French porcelains for Thanksgiving, even if the colors are not autumnal.  This table is mainly neutral, with the gold chargers, white linen napkins embroidered in gold, and the French dishes that have gold, green and a touch of violet on them.  The flowers I chose make a bold statement, again, they are inside and antique ironstone tureen, this time inserted in a crumpled up piece of chickenwire inside the bowl filled with water.


Antique French porcelain


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Last, I wanted to share this centerpiece I put together for Cottages & Bungalows magazine – ten years ago {!!} – but still looks classic today.  This is so easy to do, I basically layered ivy and greens clipped from the garden in a wet floral foam brick inside an antique ironstone tureen. Then a few clippings of Mr. FGH’s precious roses {he still is not a fan of cutting, so I don’t tell!} were added, a few hydrangeas in green and white, and fruit.  It is a little wild, but looks amazing on a buffet.



I hope that you have enjoyed this little “look back” at some of the Thanksgiving Inspiration from our FrenchGardenHouse past.  Because we’re going to be traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, the online shop is open, but shipping will commence after Nov. 29th.


Happy Thanksgiving


Thank you for blessing us at FrenchGardenHouse, and for offering not just your friendship, but your trust, and your words of encouragement. Your kindness and encouraging words make my days. it’s why I love what I do!  I treasure you.  I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. As you glance around your table, I hope you will feel abundantly blessed




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