Do you have fond memories of Sunday dinners? As a little girl growing up in Europe some of my happiest memories are those when my family would gather around my grandparent’s huge dinner table.

I used to think my grandmother was magic, she had live~in maids, but the cooking was something she always insisted on doing herself. Often in a dress, heels and her pearls, she would stand in the kitchen and make sure everything was just so.


This week we have the luxury of having our three little people over by themselves for four days, and this Sunday, we are making another Sunday dinner memory with them.


We went to a large park in our neighborhood yesterday, and collected leaves. Aside from making art with the leaves, I’m asking the children to decorate the table with them. They love to get things ready for a party, or a family dinner.  Maybe they will remember how much care I took in setting the table, to make it special for those who gather around it for meals. Maybe one, or more of them, will inherit my love for antiques, and for creating a beautiful environment, I hope so.


We’ll be having a fairly simple meal, they have not broadened their palate and tend to look at most food they haven’t seen before as “to be avoided!  So we are having carrots and dip for the first course, my Soupe de Poulet Blanc, some pumpkin muffins we all made together with maple syrup butter, and little pumpkin pies for dessert, and sliced apples. {Linden decorated each muffin with a pumpkin}


I’m hoping we’ll be laughing. a lot. and telling funny stories around the table, the kind of laughter and stories that cement our hearts together.  No meal at our house should end without a  game with everyone joining in. Can I just tell you that these are the best days? Better than pretty much anything else I do.


What do you love to do with the little people in your life to make memories with them? I collected some great ideas on my Pinterest Board for children’s crafts. You can see the sort of things we will be doing in the remaining days. Be sure to follow my Pinterest boards for daily inspiration! xo Lidy

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