Discover our petit SUMMER GIFT COLLECTION. For this summer collection, I went back to my all time favorites, small gestures that bring joy. Bright, cheerful ribbons and tags to add to a gift. The candies that I loved as a little girl, a “secret” between Grandmama and myself when we had tea in the afternoon. Beautiful candles in ocean colors for summer. Softest sumptuous cashmere to wrap yourself in.



The Summer Collection



It seems during this time, it’s more important than ever to treat the people we love {and our selves} with small, beautiful luxurious touches every day. Especially now, creating an environment of comfort, personal style and beauty is the ultimate luxury.




The luxury of building a blessed life with the people you love.






Little gifts seem to mean even more than they usually do, don’t they?  Wrapped with love, left on the front porch of a friend or neighbor, each a little missive of friendship and joy.  I designed the gift tags for this season thinking that you could tie them on anything.  A plate of home baked chocolate chip cookies. A plant. A bottle of wine. Or a gift wrapped simply in white paper, with bright, cheerful ribbon.



The tags can take the place of a greeting card. They are blank on the reverse, so you can write a wish, a blessing, or a scripture.



Summer Gift Collection




I don’t know about you, but we’re celebrating every single thing we can, in style, here at our FrenchGardenHouse. I restocked those beautiful tapers, that come ready to gift, in ocean colors for summer.  I find myself lighting candles often during dinner, even if it’s just the two of us.  There is something magically comforting in dinner with candles, isn’t there?



The colors are sea mist, and ocean.  Celebrate everything, but especially birthdays and special days. We have begun having social distanced family birthday dinners here for our little people.  It’s “just us” and not a big crowd. I want our little people to remember that during this time, which was a little strange – to say the least – they were surrounded by love, joy and blessings every day.



The Summer Collection



If you have read me long, you know I have a split personality. One side is all about French antiques, and luxury silver, gold, and porcelain.  My other side? It’s 100% country, French Country.




{Don’t tell my family about that split personality thing….they already roll their eyes at me sometimes!!}  Loving the country tags, and the beautiful European linen entertaining accessories that are new for summer.



The Summer Collection




We’ve all washed our hands a million times lately. These soap rose petals are so delicate, and gentle on your skin, they are almost like a whisper.  They smell like French gardenias and roses, each petal is for one wash.  {Probably not on the strong-soap-to-use-during-a-pandemic list.}




Beautiful to display in a silver bowl, a glass container in your guest bathroom.



The Summer Collection




Our cashmere wraps are back in stock for summer, in classic ocean colors of blue. The ultimate luxury, so soft and so light.




I wear this around my shoulders as a wrap over a crisp blouse and jeans, over a sleeveless dress in the evening in summer.  Soft, cozy, this is also a perfect cover to snuggle under while reading your favorite book or watching a Hercule Poirot on tv.




The Summer Collection





summer collection

Happy Summer!





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