Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars, does anything sound more beautiful?  It’s summer time, and our French Country style, with its relaxed but elegant feel is just right for this time of year! Please join me today as I feature some gorgeous peonies in antique French jars!

This table setting reminds me so much of my European grandmother.  She loved a beautiful table {!! it’s genetic, what can I say?!} and I have so many fond memories of our meals together.  She always set the table, always. With a tablecloth, a vase or two of flowers, or a bowl piled high with summer’s fruit, and created perfect table settings, even if it was just for the two of us.

Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars



Make sure to visit my crazy talented friends as they share their summer flowers – sure to inspire and to lift your spirits this morning. Grab a cup of cafe au lait, throw in a croissant, settle in and we’ll all have some beautiful fun together!


Monday Morning Blooms


Now that our world is back to a little bit of more normal, we’ve decided to return to our themed posts again.  For a while there, we were happy to be able to scout out any kind of flowers, and get them home. But now, we’re back shopping at flower sources and very grateful to be able to do so! Plus…well, it’s summer, so our gardens are blooming too!


Our theme this time is flowers arranged in jars.  Pretty much bullseye for me, I love summer flowers in antique French jars – the antique French aqua glass canning jars.


pink peonies in vase


Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars


I set the table in our kitchen at FrenchGardenHouse with sweet memories of my grandmother.  Those silver and clear servers were hers. Like I mentioned, she always set the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a tablecloth, cloth napkins, and pretty dishes. Of course she did have a live-in maid, and a “daily” who came to dust and vacuum. Grandmama didn’t have to wash and iron, her “Jeanne” did that.

Since I don’t have a live-in or a “daily” and I do the laundry, I’ve solved this problem by mostly using antique French Country cloths that can go in the washer/dryer and if taken out quickly and folded, don’t need ironing. {not sure if grandmama would approve, but a wrinkle here or there doesn’t bother me!}


Pink peonies for summer tablesetting


pink peonies


The table is covered in an antique French sheet {of the washer and dryer and folding kind!} and I used a gorgeous antique asparagus Platter and plate set. I love this set, I bought it in Europe for the shop. It’s different than most, the plates are oval, with two wells, and then there is that glorious aqua color. Just right to go with the antique French canning jars.


The napkins are new, they are a chunky linen designed in Paris with French Country charm. {I don’t iron those either! Don’t hate me!}  The silverware is a mix of antique silver, I think it gives a table-setting a collected look to have different flatware. Not for every setting, but certainly for these more casual table settings – they are great fun!


Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars

Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars


Most of the asparagus sold in Europe are either white, or light yellow, and somewhat fatter than the green asparagus we eat here in the states.  When I was a little girl, it was such a treat to eat the asparagus! Served with melted sweet butter, chopped hard boiled eggs and lemon slices. Nothing was better in June!


Fun fact:

My grandmother taught me that you can tell if the white or yellow fatter asparagus are fresh by gently rubbing the stems together. If they make a squeaky sound, then they are fresh! I used to love to do this at the greengrocer as a little girl, not sure he appreciated it, but I felt very important checking all his asparagus.

To select the freshest possible green asparagus here are my tips:

  • Texture: Asparagus stalks should be firm when you touch them. They should be able to stand up straight by themselves. The tips should be compact and tightly closes. Stalks that are limp are no longer fresh.
  • Color: Look for that spring green color, a rich green. If the stalks are dull looking {you’ll know it when you see it!} they are not fresh. The tips can be green or have purple spots, this is normal.
  • Size: Green asparagus is grown in different sizes, from thin and small to super large. I prefer the green to be on the thinner side. All sizes taste good, but select a bunch that are uniform in size. It’s easier to cook them if they are all the same size approximately.


french country majolica


Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars


I have a collection of antique white Blanc Mange molds that I re-purpose to hold things at the table.  I love their shapes, and this little one is perfect for holding the lemons on the table.


Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars


The flowers I used for these arrangements are:


Little Pink Dianthus

One lone purple snapdragon from last week’s bouquet

Branches from a Silver Sheen tree in our front garden


Little Jar;

A few New Dawn roses from our back garden

Branches from a Silver Sheen tree in our front garden


Peony Quote


shop sources

Antique Asparagus Serving Set

Chunky Linen Napkins

Antique French Canning Jars


I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to our FrenchGardenHouse today!  I’d love to have you sign up to receive all my blog posts….in the little box at the top right corner. So we can meet each other more often, because this was really fun!



Are you a lover of Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars? We’d love to hear what summer flowers you love and how you arrange them in the comments!


summer hydrangeas on table
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peonies for summer

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flowers in french jar

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Summer Flowers in Antique French Jars

and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse





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