Happy Monday!



I don’t know about you



but at FrenchGardenHouse this last month of summer is a time of





relaxation {and gathering inspiration for fall and holiday!}







Welcome to Moday Morning Blooms!






We all created a floral arrangement with shells and flowers,




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To capture summer’s beauty,  my arrangement is really, really simple.




Summer time is busy, and at this time in the season,




I like the simplicity of all white.







We just remodeled our guest and our master bathroom….





{and I say just but it took three months!}





I couldn’t love the result more –




 I’m displaying this summer bouquet there.









I’ll do a little reveal next time!















Miniature Calla Lilies   : )











The little calla lilies look extra special in this antique Prattware pitcher,




don’t they?







Even though we live by the ocean, our family is going





to the lake for a last bit of summer fun!







I can’t wait – I love it when everyone is together –




my girls, their husbands, and our 3 little people.




{right now I’m thinking “should I get a spray tan?!”}




Antique Pitcher



I hope you are enjoying the last month of summer too!







Thank you so much for visiting me today.




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