Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner à deux or having one or more of your best friends over, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out with romantic details when dressing a table.



Today, on our Monday Morning Blooms, I’m sharing how to style a sweet table for Valentine’s Day that celebrates love with antiques, and of course, flowers!





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I think that it doesn’t get much better than making memories with family and friends over good food and a beautifully set table. Valentine’s Day is a reminder to let all the special people in your life know how much they mean to you.  If you are without a romantic partner, invite a friend, or a few!


{Or make this a fantastic treat for a little person or two to visit grandmama for this special day!}





For this setting, I pulled a small round table by the fireplace in the living room. I was really inspired by the soft designs and colors of the French patchwork cover, because the pinks, blues, golds, greens and cream colors hint at spring.




It’s such a soft, exquisite color palette to work with. I added the incredible gilt encrusted floral plates, and with a bohemian florals theme,  the beautiful flowers tied the whole look together in an elegant way. This table is set for two, but you could easily set it for four.







The flower arrangement is so simple that even some of you who’ve told me you are “creatively challenged” can pull this together with elegant style.





Just three kinds of flowers are nestled into the antique Paris Porcelain container {which is embellished with more flowers!} – pink mini spray carnations, roses in a beautiful rosy coral, and a few pink ranunculus flowers left over from last week’s flowers. Just three sprigs of seeded eucalyptus – also from last week – add a pop of green.


I made a very simple grid with the clear floral tape included in our FrenchGardenHouse French Flower Arranging Kit on the antique porcelain “vase” – really it’s a huge sugar bowl!

See? So easy.







To complete each place setting, I added a gilt crown name card to each place setting.  Giving each guest a name card makes them know that you think they are special. Especially in this age of texting and emailing, I think writing out someone’s name with a pen is a much appreciated personal touch.










What to serve for a holiday lunch or dinner is never that difficult for me.  I have a love/hate relationship with cooking, I’ll be honest. When I have all the time in the world, I love to cook! But just between you and me, when I am having my nearest and dearest over, I’d much rather spend the time setting an exciting table and/or spend time with them.





I’m a huge fan of simple food presented in a beautiful way! Someone who always inspires me is Ina – I’ve never not loved anything she tells me to make!



For lunch, a great salad, a crusty loaf of bread, this butter, and this dessert plus a few pastel macarons thrown in for fun are on the menu. Serve with a glass of champagne, to toast to your love, friendship and the day.





As a parting gift, my friend was given my new favorite gift, {part of the Spring Collection coming soon!} a delicious sugar body scrub and perfume with a wonderful lavender scent.  I hope that whenever she uses them, she’ll remember our sweet time of fellowship on this afternoon with joy in her heart.


I hope this has inspired you to style a sweet table setting for Valentine’s Day, too!




Whether you are single, in a relationship, have one or a hundred BFF’s, Valentine’s day is about love. Every single one of us can celebrate this delightful holiday in the midst of winter! If you are stuck on an uncharted island all by yourself, celebrate YOU, for goodness sakes!









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