Design a spring mantel with green hydrangeas



Spring is nature’s way of saying “the party can begin!” – and styling a spring green mantel is an alluring way to invite the coming season into your home.  Today, I’m sharing how to style a Spring Green Mantel.






With spring just around the corner, Mary, Pam, Shirley and I are sharing  spring g r e e n today!  I’ll share their links at the bottom of this post, don’t miss even one of their posts, because they are sure to inspire you!



Spring is energizing, exuberant and joyful, isn’t it?  I know at this time of year, I’m more than ready to embrace the joy of spring. You too?



With the first flowers of spring, it’s time to bring some of that light and warmth into our homes, even if there is still some snow on the ground where you live.  This easy to design mantel does that! It can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, and go all the way through Easter looking fresh and flirty for this season.





For this mantel, I choose the bright green of these hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s.


Spring ushers in a whole palette of gorgeous colors – the soft pinks and greens of trees bursting out in blossoms, the pops of bright yellow of daffodils.  My very favorite color is that bright, light chartreuse green of new leaves just budding on the trees. And these hydrangeas are that bright, stunning green.





I used three slender vases {from our soon to be launched Spring Collection} –  each holding a single bloom. You can’t really say it’s a flower arrangement, can you?  It’s more of a mantel display with flowers.  And it easily fits into a 15 minute time slot you may have, this look takes just minutes and will re-decorate your room’s focal point for spring.







Clear off your mantel, go ahead and polish it up a little white it’s all clean too.  Starting with a completely empty space helps you decide the kind of look you want. For this spring look, I decided on everything Spring, then thought about some things that I have that bring the season to mind.

A nest was an undeniable choice for spring, the little robin egg blue eggs {soaps for our upcoming Spring Collection} look sweet nestled on some reindeer moss and a hydrangea leaf.







For this mantel arrangement, the main color is fresh spring green, but I wanted to add different shades of that color for more visual impact. I layered a few antique botanical prints on the mirror as a background and then added the French antique green majolica plate with its deep lustrous glaze adds another hue of green.



hydrangeas and green majolica plates


Design a spring mantel with green hydrangeas





A variation of heights always makes your display look more interesting. This bunch of really tall pussy-willow branches is arranged in an antique French green glass apothecary jar.  It balances out the other heights on the mantel, and bonus: it adds another kind of green!





This season is the perfect time to showcase your love affair with green in your home!  Green is light and welcoming no matter where you use it.





I know, you can’t really call this a floral arrangement. But sometimes, quick, simple and easy is what we have time for.  Creating joy through beauty is something I so believe in, and I’m always looking to share how you can do that in a way that works for YOU.


Placing a bunch of pussy-willow branches in one container and filling three delicate vases with a single bloom and arranging them simply on your mantel is a small update that will bring you small moments of happiness at home.







I hope that you settle into your corner of the world this spring and feel you are able to create beauty at home.  A haven for you to be restored, and rejuvenated each time you walk in your front door.





how to design a spring mantel


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Design a spring mantel with green hydrangeas

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