Whimsical, fearlessly inspired by nature, and glistening in bold jewel-like colors, antique majolica excites collectors and designers alike.

Antique majolica pieces are imbued with such breathtaking color and detail, each piece is an original work of art,  they are a statement making compliment to any room in your home.



I think those of us who adore French Country fell in love with majolica when we opened our first Charles Faudree book long ago. Interior designer Charles Faudree, long a FrenchGardenHouse favorite, was known for his delight in French Country. He was loved for creating settings that have all the elegant accoutrements of a French Country estate, lacking pretension but never charm – which is exactly my desire here at FrenchGardenHouse when I shop for antiques for your home.

He was the master of the mix, and his interiors were classic, and timeless. His use of color and patterns were magical, and many of the stunning interiors he designed showcased collections of majolica.




I know I’ve been endlessly inspired by his design, and his love of all things French Country for our own home here at FrenchGardenHouse.

“It’s about the mix, and not about the match.” -Charles Faudree



I have all his design books, do you?  I’ve taken a few photos from the pages of the books to show the beautiful displays of antique majolica collections in some of the alluring rooms he’s decorated over the years.  {The original photos are by photographer Jenifer Jordan, these are my photos I shot of pages in the decorating books I own.}


Mr. Faudree displayed majolica on walls, in cabinets, and singly on stands on side tables.  I love how this collection of antique greenware or majolica faience plates surrounds the paintings and travel so high up the wall, don’t you?




Here, Mr. Faudree used antique green majolica leaf plates to their full advantage, again grouping them around an antique oil painting, and then, that fabulous arrangement in the French grape picking hod!

{I have a few of these coming over on the next shipment!!}



This dining room wall has a French cabinet that displays both antique French asparagus plates and a green majolica plate.



A collection of antique French asparagus plates is happily married to a few antique majolica oyster plates for a stunning display in this gracious dining room.



More antique Oyster plates arranged on the wall above the pine dresser along with one faience plate at the very top.



And finally, this!  Oh, how I adore this dining area.  The little antique French wheelbarrow is something I am constantly on the hunt for on buying trips, we immediately sold the few I’ve sourced in France, and I hope they look as charming in their new homes as this one does on top of the table filled with hydrangeas!



The collection of green antique leaf Majolica plates and servers are beautiful, they are the consummate compliment to the antique pewter pieces and Staffordshire.




“A single object on a tabletop or a single work of art on the wall can be nice, but for me, mixing collections provides the most excitement.” -Charles Faudree.



Collecting antique majolica is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, majolica’s beauty and history will compel you to seek out unusual additions for your collection.



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