Peony season is still here, but only if you grow your own, because most bloom from April to the very end of June. But for some of you luckies, the very last ones are still coming up in your garden if your area has had a late spring warm up.

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that I’m all in love with these exquisite blooms! There is just something so special about peonies, they are so lush, and then there are all those delicate, whisper fine petals, they make me swoon!



But first, if you came here via my friends Pam, Mary or Shirley for FLORAL FRIDAY, WELCOME!  I’m so happy to have you here, and I hope you stay awhile, leave me a thought or a comment, and come back.

I think I am just as excited as all of you to see what they create for our floral get-togethers as you are.  One thing I know for sure, those girls never ever disappoint.  Each time they wow me {you too?} with their floral creations, and I leave inspired.  More than anything, we want to encourage all of you that yes, you can create your own alluring flower arrangements at home.




For this Floral Friday, we agreed to create an arrangement in a pitcher.  And since it is still just barely peony season here in the flower shops, the choice of flowers was easy. The peonies I bought were not as fresh or as tight in the bud as I usually like, because of being so very late in the peony season, but …..still….they were peonies, so I couldn’t resist a bundle of light pink flowers.

Peonies are meant to be cut and shown off. If you are fortunate enough to be able to grow big, blowsy peonies on bushes where you live {and yes, I’m jealous!!} cut them, and bring big bunches inside to make you and your home happy. Because aren’t these frilly ladies just to die for gorgeous?



Since my guest room mantel was bare, I knew exactly where i wanted to put my flowers.  I lightened up the look of this mantel for summer by using only white or cream antiques on it.  The old Staffordshire dogs in white are my favorites, they were modeled after Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named for King Charles II of England.

He loved these dogs, and gave them free run at court. His opponents accused the King of “Playing with his dogs all the while, and not minding his business.” {Sounds perfect to me!}




The pitcher I put the pink peonies and white hydrangeas in is an old one, a Victorian Parian ware pitcher, and I surrounded it with two companions, antique parian vases, all in white.





Since Peony season is short, I’d love to share some tips on how to care for them, so you can maximize your enjoyment of these gorgeous flowers.  As you can see in the photos, one of the flowers completely shattered during this photo session. But even when they are in a pile, they look glorious, don’t they?



If you have a chance to have cut peonies in a vase or pitcher at home, please take advantage of their beauty.  The peonies look beautiful all by themselves, one in a short vase is so lovely!





1. IN THE BUD.  If you live somewhere, like I do, where we can’t grow our own peonies but have to buy them, select a bouquet of peonies that are still in tight buds. They should look like a colored ball on a stem. If you are fortunate to be able to grow your own, cut them early in the morning, before the sun is out, also in the ball stage.

2. REMOVE FOLIAGE & CUT. Have a vase with 6 ” or more room temperature water ready. Take the peonies one by one, remove all the leaves that will be under water from each stem. Then cut each peony stem at an angle with a sharp knife or secatur, and quickly place it in the vase of water.

3. CHECK WATER LEVEL.  Once you have arranged your peonies into a beautiful arrangement, make sure to check the water on the daily. Peonies are very thirsty flowers, make sure they are immersed at least 3/4 of the way. Clean and refill your vase and re-cut the stems at least every 2-3 days to maximize their life.

4. COOL DISPLAY.  Make sure you keep the peonies in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat, because when they get warm, they open up all the way, fast!



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à bientôt


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