I’m so excited to share our Guest Bathroom reveal!




  After talking about it with you all on Instagram




I promised to do a blog post about it.



and finally, HERE IT IS!






Our bathrooms have always been last on the list.




It was always on MY priority list,




but life always got in the way with unexpected costs for other things.




So here is the before picture : {it’s not pretty!}






 I’ll admit that it looked better styled with our antique pieces, and linen shower curtains.




But it was stuck in the 1960’s, and not in a good way.




I felt I had to add a border to the photo, to dress it up a little- because it was pretty bad.  : )






It’s surprising how little time it took the work guys to gut this little bathroom.




And it proves my point when I say that California houses are basically cardboard and a few posts.






To say I feel amazingly blessed to have been able to remodel





our guest bathroom and master bathroom is an understatement.




After the quick “tear down” it took a while to get it to where it was on Easter.




But first this happened.






Because we were remodeling part of our bedroom, our closet and our bathroom too

{I figured might as well!}




Everything from our master, our walk in closet, our bathroom, the guest room,

and the photo studio here at home {our temporary bedroom}




had to go in the living room.





Somewhere in that huge ugly mess I just carried on!





I actually even took some product photos using my light umbrella and a small table.





 Our contractor, knowing that we were going to go ahead and host our annual Easter Egg Hunt




{with a living room filled with furniture all the way up to the rafters!}







Was nice enough to move the toilets off the front porch to the side of the house





and rig up this temporary sink situation shown above for Easter Sunday.





Because holidays happen! No matter what your house looks like.




Luckily Easter happens in our back garden!









I had such a great time choosing all the fixtures, the cabinets and counters!






I loved them so much, that I chose the exact same look for our master bath.








Our guest bath is a very small bathroom off the main hallway




 I kept everything white and soft grey to make the space look brighter and bigger.




The cabinets are stock cabinets that we dressed up with gorgeous handles.




I forgot the name of the slab we bought for the countertops in both bathrooms,  but it does save money when you do both of them the same!








My design began with the sink I fell in love with at the showroom- a square Kohler sink




but it was too big for the smaller vanity – so I found a similar one.





We used the one I love in our master bathroom instead.





The Kohler Memoir sink  has a complementary toilet

{which I LOVE!! Who knew it would make such a difference?}





I kept the faucets and shower and bath figures fairly neutral





and decided to use the same ones in both bathrooms.





They are by Delta, and I love their classic design.







Choosing just the right overhead light proved to be a little challenging.





I had my heart set on some type of chandelier, but the ceiling was too low.





After ordering and returning a light that was WAY bigger in real life than I thought it would be





The Calypso three light crystal overhead light was perfect!




It has the feel of a chandelier with the glass drops but hugs the ceiling.






It’s gorgeous when lit!








It reflects light beautifully, and has a traditional classic look while still being contemporary.






I haven’t finished the decor in this little guest bath




but love the antique French gilt mirror and the French framed pochoirs I hung







to compliment the clean classic and contemporary look of the design.







I LOVE how this bathroom turned out!  Every time I go in there, I have to pinch myself,





because it’s so elegant. It’s like a five star hotel bathroom.







ps. I’m styling our guest bath with our new soft dove grey Napoleon Bee toleware pieces.




So many of you asked about the marble, it’s a marble look tile called Calacatta Dorado Polish.

{I used real marble rounded end tile though, where the tile meets the edge of the wall.}






Thanks so much for joining me today, for our guest bathroom reveal



and for all your emails and comments wanting to share my excitement about the remodel!

à bientôt

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