It’s summer, and we’re having beautiful, warm summer days






here at FrenchGardenHouse.







In our FrenchGardenHouse garden,





the beautiful peach Polka rose is sending out it’s last blooms.







It’s a beautiful time of year to












We’ve all put our favorite peach flowers together with





real summer peaches for some peachy inspiration!




Peach flowers are perfect for a lighter summer color palette at home.








Peach flowers come in such a beautiful range of shades,




from palest pink peach to deep peachy corals with apricot tones.




And who doesn’t love summer peaches?   Our farmer’s market has the best ones!







On a side note, I’m really excited that our bathroom remodels are almost {!} done




and things are slowly getting back to normal here at home.








While out shopping for a petit armoire to hold our small television in the master bedroom





I spied a magnificent 18th century French Buffet duex Corps.





Way too grand and large for our bedroom.  big. as in really big.







I walked away {it was a Friday.} And bought a small armoire for the master.




By very early Sunday morning I couldn’t take it anymore and called the dealer




who opened his shop early for us so we could buy it!





And now it’s in the living room. Still  v e r y   big.





But a large scale piece makes a statement in every interior, right??








I know, I know. This post is supposed to be about flowers.





So let’s talk about this peach and apricot arrangement.







Using my clear floral tape, I made a big grid on the antique French wedding tureen.




The clippings from the bushes in the back garden went in first as a base to hold the flowers.









Then I inserted the apricot peach roses one by one.





And added the sweet light peach carnation sprays all around.








I placed the tureen on a peachy pink Florentine tray on the living room table.




Peaches in the glass bowl, on a stack of Charles Faudree design books.




I love it!







Thank you so much for joining me today for Monday Morning Blooms.





{And for humoring me about the new love I’ve found, the French Buffet Deux  Corps.}






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à bientôt

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