Do you collect souvenirs






when you go on a vacation somewhere?












This time our theme is souvenirs.








Our darling friend Shirley is not here this time





but we hope she will be back {because we know she’s everyone’s great favorite!}





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We just returned from a little trip with our whole family to the lake.






 I don’t know about you, but anytime I can gather all my children and little people in one spot






I cherish and treasure that time in my heart.






We had such a great time, we spent most of every day on the water in kayaks






and on paddle boards.




It was such a refreshing time…I literally did   n o t h i n g.






I enjoyed our family, the lake, and summer.






It was the only vacation Mr. FGH and I went on this summer.





I know we went on some buying trips…but honestly,




believe it or not, those are not vacations!!





{Up at 4:30 or 5:00 many days, walking and driving around all day – it’s great fun to source antiques,

but not what I consider a relaxing.}






While at the lake, went looking for a little souvenir in shops.






I tend to buy antiques on trips as mementoes. {No surprise, right?}




 I didn’t find anything on this trip.








The antiques I usually take home from a trip include silver, plates {yes, I probably am the undisputed queen of plates!}





and French pottery, like the country pot I made this flower arrangement in.







 Oh! And then I did buy this 18th century French Buffet des Corps




as a souvenir this summer!




{I know, that’s not really a normal souvenir. But I couldn’t help myself!}





It holds all my other souvenirs, the silver, the dishes, the everything I use to entertain with here.








This arrangement is a last ode to summer gardens.





Dahlia’s were my father-in-law’s favorite





and his flower garden in Europe rivaled the best.









I am deep into the fall photo shoots here at FrenchGardenHouse





for the FGH Fall Collection that will launch next week.






So this deep dark wine color palette I found at the flower market was perfect!







Because the pottery is earthy,  I decided to place one of the antique cutting boards on the table as the base,





and layer that with an antique paisley shawl.





I placed the vase on two of my favorite design books by Charles Faudree.










Merlot Oriental Lilies

Burgundy Alstroemeria

Deep Wine Dahlias

Ornamental St. John’s Wort {hypericum}

Seeded Eucalyptus



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à bientôt

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