I love this month of May! Do you?

I can’t quite believe that May is already here, but I’m so grateful for this gorgeous month. Around here at FrenchGardenHouse, May is a month filled with beautiful days, warmer weather, and lots of sunshine. The garden is filled with an abundance of flowers.



My FrenchGardenHouse in the back garden is covered with our sweet little pink climbing rose, Cecille Brunner.  It grows so fast, it’s intertwined itself with the old gingko tree, and I haven’t had the heart to cut it out yet, since there are so many little roses.  When I open our bedroom curtains in the morning, this is what I see.



On my walk around our neighborhood, our neighbor’s gardens are filled with colorful blooms as well. May…it’s pretty much perfect here in Southern California!

I know that if you have visited me for a while, you get that I’m not really a real gardener. I’m more of a waterer…leaving the real gardening to my John. I do, however, buy plants, plan borders, fill pots with colorful seasonal flowers, and “decorate” my outdoor rooms to my hearts content.



I love spending time in both of our gardens, in front of our house, and in the back! Because all of my BFF’s are “real” gardeners, who love nothing more than digging in the soil and planting things, and many of my clients adore gardening too, I’m always looking for beautiful gardening antiques, and gardening aprons and handy little gardening gifts for our French GardenHouse shop.


Arles French Country Garden Carrier


This year, our garden collection is really proving to be extremely popular with all of you! Thank you!  I’ve had sons and husbands call and order up a storm of every single thing related to gardens for their Mom or wife for Mother’s Day, and many of my favorite gardening helps have sold out.


Luckily, I was able to re-order some, and most of these are now back in stock!  One of the things I am most excited about are these French Country style zinc carriers. I’ve had a few emails and a conversation or two with some of you avid gardeners about what a “real” gardener wants, and this zinc carrier is one of the results of those conversations.



I love them because they are lightweight, sturdy, and have four handy compartments for tools, string, gloves, seed packets and smaller pots. Stenciled by hand with the name of some of our favorite towns in the Provence, France in Blue, this one is Arles, the town Vincent van Gogh loved so much.  It is perfect to take to the garden, but it works in your home for storage too.


French Country Digne Zinc Garden Carrier


I’ve had several made for just for us, this one is stenciled with DIGNE, another great town in the Provence area famous for its open air markets, potter, and healing hot springs and spas.  The wood handle means it will never hurt your hands when carrying heavy pots inside.


Of course there is nothing like the charm of a true antique French garden carrier, this one was used at a community garden, it has the allotment plot number stenciled on it still.


Antique French Metal Garden Tote


I love decorating our outdoor potting bench with antique and vintage pots, too.  Planted with pretty spring flowers, or even unplanted, they make me smile each time I see them. I’m always wondering who used them to pot up their favorite flowering plants or herbs long ago.




Although these aprons were specifically made for gardeners, I wear mine doing all sorts of chores. I love both of these. The half apron is so very handy, for tools for the garden, but also when doing crafts, and I always need a pocket for my glasses and phone too!


Gardener’s Half Apron


The full apron is made of oil cloth – it’s perfect for cooking, crafts and everything else.  I’ve been painting our outdoor planters and the oilcloth gives me full confidence that I won’t get paint all over myself. Oh, and yes, of course, this one is perfect for gardening. {I feel like a true gardener when I wear it, even when I’m just dead-heading the pansies!}


Gardener’s Full Apron


Ps. If you watch Netflix, have you seen these two gardening shows?  My favorite one is LOVE YOUR GARDEN. Alan Titchmarsh hosts this uplifting show in which he and his team travel the U.K. planting dream gardens for deserving people.


What they are able to do is amazing, I’ve actually learned things about gardening along the way {yes, ME!} and the people they’ve chosen to plant a garden for, well, they are deserving and then some, and the resulting garden will make such a difference in their lives. {Even Mr. FrenchGardenHouse has been known to pinkie away a few tears once in a while.}



Show #2 is called BIG DREAMS SMALL SPACES in which garden writer Monty Don helps England’s budding horticulturists plant and grow the gardens of their dreams. If you love gardening, or just sitting in the garden and enjoying it like I do, you will love these two shows.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the garden post today, brought to you by someone who LOVES her garden, is not really a true gardener, but cheers all of you who are on in every way she can!! And loves giving gardening gifts and sending gifts along to your gardening friends.


By the way….did you know that I can send a lovely hand written note with your personal message with every gift order you wish to send from FGH to your beautiful family and friends? It’s such a joy for me to take the time to do so, selecting a pretty note card for the one receiving your gift, and writing your thoughtful and loving message on it, then sealing it in the envelope, always hoping it makes your gift that much more exciting to receive!



Before I forget, I have a WINNER for the great book by Kristy Woodson Harvey and a bottle of sparkling goodness!  Our winner for this GIVEAWAY is JEAN VAN!!



Congratulations!! Kristy will be mailing you your prize just as soon as I hear back from you about your address.  Thank you ALL so very much for joining in and leaving such lovely comments. I cherish each one, it makes us feel like a circle of friends.

See you next time!!



à bientôt