Showcase the simple beauty of autumn garden flowers, with these easy to make and completely charming individual floral arrangements.




In this post, I’ll show you how easy it is to make small jewel-like French Country floral arrangements in antique French conservatory seedling pots.



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As fellow flower lovers who are passionate about sharing floral inspiration, my three friends Mary, Pam and Shirley and I share our floral tips and tricks every 1st and 3’d Friday {moving to Monday} of the month.



Having guests over for a intimate meal is often the highlight of our autumn, but the planning can become too stressful if we let it! 


It’s easy to run out of time for one of the most lovely ways to welcome company to your beautiful home – flowers!



These little individual flower arrangements are the perfect answer, they make an impact, and are so easy to create.


Bonus: If you want to share your floral passion, you can let each guest take home their own little pot as a “party favor”…I love that!



Not only do these petite arrangements look enchanting at each table setting, if that is not the look you are going after, or you have way more guests than little pots and/or time, just line three or five of these small wonders down your table.



For this table setting for two in front of our garden windows in our FrenchGardenHouse living room, I pulled two antique French Louis XV chairs next to a small round table that usually lives on our garden patio.  I found these gorgeous cream, green and red floral tablecloths this fall at market, and I am crazy in love with this pattern!


Country Cream Tablecloth  |  Linen Flax Napkins | Antique Cutting Board | Antique French Seedling Pots




To create each little flower pot, I first soaked oasis floral foam for 1/2 an hour in luke-warm water.


Then I cut small pieces of the foam and inserted it in each little pot after wrapping the bottom and most of the sides in a small piece of plastic wrap since these antique pots have a drainage hole in the bottom.




I cut my flowers and green accents really short, and inserted them in the wet foam. I chose just a few flowers for each pot in jewel colors, and a few unexpected elements.


A mixture of greens snipped from bushes rewards the guests with varied colors, textures and patterned leaves, and invites a closer look.




The rich shades of red and green blend beautifully with the caramel-colored dahlia.


Make sure you strip the greenery off the stem for the part you want to insert in the foam. If your little snipped greenery is too flimsy, separate them into similar bundles and tie each of with a little twine. This will make them sturdier to insert in the foam.



Play with texture by adding something airy sprigs to your tight group of flowers. For these pots I added a contrasting element – seeded eucalyptus – to make the jewel colors and tight flowers more striking.





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