Our garden is blooming! And thanks to the wonderful rain we have received over the last few months on the California coast, it is so very happy.

There is nothing like rain water. Those of you who don’t live in drought state might think me silly, but my plants just adore rain water when they can get it!

I wait for spring all year long, because that is when our garden becomes my outdoor dining room, my reading room, and where we host all our friends and family.

This weekend, I intend to eat at least two meals in the garden, and enjoy the flowers, the bees, the birds and all that green.

I’m making my new very favorite sandwich. It is. SO GOOD. And practically guilt-free. It’s healthy! {Shhhh. don’t tell your tastebuds, they won’t believe it anyway.}

Look for the recipe at the bottom of this post – it was created by Lisa, our friend who is a chef.

Our little garden fairy is one of my favorites. Like antiques {which she is not, she is composite} she has some damage, her poor knee has a hole. The neighbor’s cat knocked her over when she forgot that we have Bentley, our Lab, and ran like a crazy-thing when he came outside.

Never mind. I still love her. Hole and all, it means she’s had some action in her life, and didn’t just sit on a shelf all the time.

Here is a close-up!

Just for fun, here is a shot of this same plot last year, a little later in the season. The drought, and then the heavy rains we had, made some of our plants from last year “disappear” but like life, a garden is constantly evolving.

We are always looking forward to planting new plants to try in the borders. And by we, I mean John. I am not a gardener. Shocking, right? I LOVE gardens. I am just not good at planting.

I am good at buying plants, watering, planning borders and being bossy about where plants should go. And where they need pruning. {John is a patient gardener and husband.}


This is my little herb garden, and bird bath. We are so blessed to have lots of birds in the garden, they sing their hearts out all day, splash around in the water in the birdbath, and make quite a racket before settling into the large bushes to go to sleep at dusk.

We’ll probably eat these sandwiches on the deck. Since it’s early in the year, maybe the parasol won’t be needed and we’ll sit in the sun.  These sandwiches are so good, that I might just make them both weekend days.

After the sandwiches, there is work to be done in the garden. {yes, I’ll help!}  Our little pink climber needs to be cut out of the gingko tree. So maybe John will need to eat two avocado sandwiches for energy!

If you have never had an avocado sandwich {is that possible?} you won’t believe how delicious they are.

I hope you try them and let me know if you did, or not!

Lisa’s recipe calls for micro greens, which are these cute little greens you can buy at some markets, Whole Foods, etc. Sometimes when I don’t have that, I use arugula or just a few spring lettuce leaves.

And when I want to change it up, I omit the tomatoes, the olive oil, and just drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a whole different clean eating sensation!



Avocado Toast with sweet heirloom tomatoes, lemon olive oil drizzle, sriracha salt, crushed hemp seeds, and micro greens are perfect for lunch, a light dinner with a salad or soup, or a snack if you are really hungry.

    • 1 ripe avocado
    • 2 slices artisan whole grain bread
    • mini heirloom tomatoes, red & yellow sliced in half
    • lemon infused extra virgin olive oil (or evoo)
    • sriracha salt (or pink himalayan salt)
    • crushed hemp seeds (or crushed chia seeds)
    • micro greens
    1. Toast 2 pieces of artisan bread
    2. Cut avocado in half, remove pit,and scoop out avocado on a plate. Use a fork, press avocado till smooth, and spread avocado on toast.
    3. Slice heirloom tomatoes in half, place on top of avocado.
    4. Drizzle lemon infused evoo over top.
    5. Sprinkle with sriracha salt (or pink himalayan salt) and crushed hemp seeds.
    6. Place some micro greens on top.

Oh. my. goodness. Trust me on this. If you love avocados, you will adore this.

Go to Lisa’s Delicious Table to be able to print out this recipe, and also if you want the recipe to make your own siracha salt. {She promises it’s easy!}


I hope you have a beautiful weekend, even if spring hasn’t quite shown up all the way where you live.


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